Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally The End!

Hello guys, yesterday I finally beat The End! Preparation took a lot of my time but it was worth it. I had 2 bows, 5 stacks of arrows, 3 potions of Strenght (you really need those!), some steaks, 2 pickaxes and 2 swords. Everything enchanted with level 15 enchantments or higher.
Strategy is simple, first you have to shoot Ender Crystals which are situated on top of obsidian pillars (I did it with my weaker bow). Then I drank second Potion of Strenght, switched to my better bow and started killing the End Dragon.

End Dragon
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It was pretty fast and simple, I think it took me around 4 minutes to take out the dragon. I expected it to be something like 15 minutes hardcore battle :D

I used only 150 arrows (2 and a half stack). Afterwards, Portal and Dragon Egg spawned, I also earned 73 Levels.

End Portal, Dragon Egg

Thanks for your attention, stay tuned for some tips from The End!


  1. Damn I remember when I went there. It was quite a challenge because I went there without any major preparations and I lost everything the first time I tried D,:

  2. lol "only 150 arrows"
    good show btw
    4 min is a great time